Infinite creativity between snowy mountains and sunny islands

Vibrant individualism mixed with chilled vibes, sounds good ? Go discover Athens !

Did you ever see a stadium entirely built of marble ? There is only one worldwide and it hosted the first modern Olympics in 1896 . Wait there right in front with your snowboard and a bus takes you to the next ski resort. Fantastic, huh ?

Or choose a warmer path. South African parrots guide your way through the National Garden to the small streets of Anafiotika where you sit down with locals having a greek coffee and enjoying the first sunrays of spring. Discover incredibly creative Graffiti’s on your way to Acropolis. The view is breathtaking. Feel the oriental influence at bazaars and food markets, find endless varieties of olives and taste the rich flavours of greek vegetables and fruits. Grab a taxi to Piraeus and be part of the chaotic streets of Athens, take the next ferry to a pine covered sunny island and breathe.

Athens. A place where people enjoy living.  A place where individualism stands above money. A place where you can feel the love.