Zero Waste Living

Is it possible to live a zero waste life ? Yes, and it is easy: take less, make better, use responsibly and add back.

Have you calculated your environmental footprint yet ? Our resources are limited, so let´s use what we have and be more conscious about our consumption. Next time you wash your hands, use one paper towel only.

You can be a better version of yourself everyday. You choose. Improving your daily routines make things more positive around you. Use a naturally grown sponge like Luffa to clean your dishes. It is 100 % compostable.

Taking care of the things of daily use shows responsibility. Maintain your belongings and make them last longer. You can clean and nurish your wooden flooring with a mix of water, vinegar, soap and essential oils.

By letting mother earth taking a rest we can even give back to nature. Behaving respectful and collecting waste that was thrown into in a natural environment helps our planet to recover.

Want to find out more about zero waste solutions ? Our Partner Plastikourgeio, Athens first zero waste shop, offers brushes made from coconut fiber, cloth produced from organic cotton or bamboo drinking bottles.

Or join our Zero Waste in Athens event on friday !