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Our Mission

Our mission is to create sustainable living experiences in Greece, starting in Athens. We believe in holistic approaches. By supporting women in the real estate industry and collaborating with like minded local and global communities, we can make the world a better place.

We offer consultancy packages on how to invest, DIY Zero Waste Kits and sustainable short term experiences.

Be part of the circle of life !

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We offer consultancy for young women, provide zero waste solutions for sustainable living and cooperate with platforms that prioritize the environment and people over profit .


Girls Invest Greece gives young women security to invest in property. We are building female networks in the real estate industry and transforming revenues into stability.


Girls Invest Greece reduces to what is needed and uses what is already there. We are reusing, recycling, up-cycling and providing zero waste products.


Girls Invest Greece manages female financed apartments and offers fair home stay experiences that support eco tourism. We are connecting locals with visitors and give your stay a meaning.

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The Real Estate Industry

Take the opportunity and invest now.

44 %

Real Estate Prices

Property prices were 44 % cheaper end of 2017 compared to the last high of 2008. Since then prices are steadily rising.

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33 m

2018: A Record year
in Tourism

Last year the tourism sector set new records. Over 33 million people enjoyed the Greek hospitality.

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28 %

Foreign Investments

Foreign Direct Investment inflows during 2017 reached € 3,2 million vs. € 2,5 million during 2016, an increase of 28 %, marking a record for the last decade.

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Evolve into

Put sustainable solutions into practice.



What´s old new again but with a twist. Belts made from tires, old doors becoming dining tables. Genius !

Some of the best examples of modern-day upcycling come from the 1930s-40s when families had very little economic or material resources. Girls Invest Greece is sharing ideas on how to upcycle furniture.

Zero Waste

We are offering DIY Kits that contain instructions and all the ingedrients needed to produce your own 100 % plastic and chemical free products. We are currently developing our first DIY toothpaste kit. Come join us for the product launch.


Athens is full of beautiful old properties developed with high quality building materials. We are using what is there and refurbish with simple ideas. White marble tops in kitchens are durable and terraces and balconies can be used as urban gardens.


Recycling, meaning being part of the circle of life.
Girls Invest Greece is taking care about waste separation. Paper, glass, cans and even certain plastics can be converted in to new materials and objects.

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Tourism Concepts

Change your way of travelling.


Sustainable Activities

We are using our network to small local businesses and to offer activities like cherry picking, bike tours, yoga or coffee reading.

Stay tuned ! We are going to inform you about our activities soon.

We are supporting fair short term stay rental platforms, encourage travelers to reduce their ecological footprint and connect with other cultures.


FairBnB is offering a community-centred platform that prioritizes people over profit and facilitates authentic, sustainable travel experiences. The platform is connecting hosts and guests for meaningful travel and cultural exchange, minimizing the cost to communities.



Vegvisits is a home-sharing platform for the global community of vegans and vegetarians. Going vegeterian halves your Co2 emissions on food.


Cultural ATLAS

The cultural atlas is informing about cross-cultural behaviours and communications. The goal is to enhance social cohesion and improve outcomes for everyone operating in an increasingly culturally diverse society.




Ask your grandma how she Lived without plastic.

Stefanie Behrendt / Founder & CEO



Get Involved

Girls Invest Greece is a start up based in Athens, being part of the incubator program of Orange Grove, an institution of the Embassy of the Netherlands. In 2019 we want to prove the feasibility of the Girls Invest Greece concept. Have a look at our Zero Waste prototype apartment.

Want to be part of it ? Get involved.



You like our idea ? We offer profit participation rights on the revenues of our apartments. 5 % ROI over a period of 5 years + free days in one of our Girls Invest Greece apartments.

Team members

We are looking for multi talented team members. Are you a web developer, anthropologist, a graphic designer or an economist specialized in finance ?


Do you want to share our values or help us expanding ? We are looking for Ambassadors that can help spreading the word and grow our network.