Evolve into

Put sustainable solutions into practice.



What´s old new again but with a twist. Belts made from tires, old doors becoming dining tables. Genius !

Some of the best examples of modern-day upcycling come from the 1930s-40s when families had very little economic or material resources. Girls Invest Greece is sharing ideas on how to upcycle furniture.

Zero Waste

We are offering DIY Kits that contain instructions and all the ingedrients needed to produce your own 100 % plastic and chemical free products. We are currently developing our first DIY toothpaste kit. Come join us for the product launch.


Athens is full of beautiful old properties developed with high quality building materials. We are using what is there and refurbish with simple ideas. White marble tops in kitchens are durable and terraces and balconies can be used as urban gardens.


Recycling, meaning being part of the circle of life.
Girls Invest Greece is taking care about waste separation. Paper, glass, cans and even certain plastics can be converted in to new materials and objects.