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Tourism Concepts

Change your way of travelling.


Sustainable Activities

We are using our network to small local businesses and to offer activities like cherry picking, bike tours, yoga or coffee reading.

Stay tuned ! We are going to inform you about our activities soon.

We are supporting fair short term stay rental platforms, encourage travelers to reduce their ecological footprint and connect with other cultures.


FairBnB is offering a community-centred platform that prioritizes people over profit and facilitates authentic, sustainable travel experiences. The platform is connecting hosts and guests for meaningful travel and cultural exchange, minimizing the cost to communities.



Vegvisits is a home-sharing platform for the global community of vegans and vegetarians. Going vegeterian halves your Co2 emissions on food.


Cultural ATLAS

The cultural atlas is informing about cross-cultural behaviours and communications. The goal is to enhance social cohesion and improve outcomes for everyone operating in an increasingly culturally diverse society.