Our Team

Meet our team & advisors ! Inspiring people that tell inspiring stories.


Stefanie Behrendt

CEO & Founder

A real estate pro with strong roots connecting her to nature. Her studies on real estate management, a degree as property developer and 10 years of working experience enable Stefanie to deal with investment models. To keep balance she teaches yoga and works on her agricultural education.


Katharina Maloun

Social Media & Content

A social media master mind. Katharina worked in Media Relations and Management before she started traveling and became self employed. She is now a freelance Communication and Marketing Consultant and Content Producer. Her passions are Traveling, Yoga and Surf.


Jasmina Nikolic

Data analyst

An expert in analizing data and working on mathematical analysis. Jasmina received her bachelor degree in geodesy with honours in Belgrad and specialized in analysis of the forms of ownership on agricultural land for her master thesis.


Lisa Mayer

Legal advisor

A legal advisor specialized in corporate law. Lisa completed law school at the university of Salzburg. She is working as a trainee at a law firm to deepen her knowledge in order to become an attorney.

Roxy Rieder.jpg

Roxy Rieder


A creative architect with ambitious visions and eye for personality in details. Roxy travelled the world and lived in Austria, America, Spain and India. Her individual designs combine cross cultural values.



Artist & Designer

An incredibly talented designer with a strong focus on the essentials. Lea´s artwork reflects her clear mindset and highlights her individuality. Her interest in languages and dietology further extend her horizon.