Zero Waste apartment

👣 🌍 🌱

World´s FIRST ZERO WASTE APARTMENT for short term rent in Athens.

We are creating zero waste households and putting sustainability into practice in order to prove their feasibility.

Girls Invest Greece is embracing the environmental movement that seeks to reduce the amount of garbage on the planet by changing people’s personal consumption habits.

🦊 Our apartment is furnished with natural materials:

* wooden flooring
* marble kitchen
* solid wood furniture
* woolen carpets
* cotton sheets

🧘🏽‍♂️We offer sustainable activities in and around Athens:

yoga & meditation
* bike tours
* olive grove visit
* cherry picking
* pistachio harvest

🍋 Our kitchen is equipped with vegan & local bulk food:

* Aegean sea salt
* olive oil from Kalamata
* bulgur, lentils, rice
* tea, herbs & spices
* and whatever we find on the market

🏘  Stay at an authentic & central neighborhood

Our Zero Waste Apartment is located in Exarchia, a neighborhood in downtown Athens, Greece. Exarchia is a creative and lively art hub renowned for being the historical core of intellectual activism. You can find a lot of restaurants & bars mainly located onStournari street, also called the Greek Silicon Valley.

* Varvakios Market: discover delicious greek fruits & vegetables & shop oriental spices
* Archaeological Museum: It contains the richest collection of artifacts from Greek antiquity & is considered as one of the best museums worldwide.
* National Technical University: is among the oldest higher education institutions ofGreece and the most prestigious among engineering schools.

WHY are we creating veg zero waste homes ? Simply, because we love nature ❤️